Hello, 你好, Apa khabar? my name is

Bryan Sng.

I build web apps and things.

I'm a Software Engineer with a passion for crafting exceptional websites and functional web applications. I dabble in other software applications too, and I have a nifty set of VSCode keyboard shortcuts up my sleeve.

01.About me

After completing my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at UCD, I secured a Full-stack developer position in Dublin, Ireland, where I have been sharpening my skills ever since.

In my free time, apart from being encouraged by a family member to invest in stocks 🗿📈, I indulge in coding as a hobby 👨🏻‍💻 and enjoy playing casual games like Genshin Impact.

Apart from my mainstream career as a Full-stack developer, I have also followed some offbeat career paths that I excelled at. These include my internship as a Risk Consultant with one of the Big 4 companies, my role as an Assistant Manager at a 2-in-1 fast food chain, and my entrepreneurial journey as the Founder of a Minecraft server. Additionally, I have completed several Udemy courses on diverse topics like Full-Stack Web Development, Linux Administration, Machine Learning, and Python, to name a few.

Technologies that I've worked with:

  • Web
  • ML
  • Unix
  • Game
  • React (Context, MobX, Redux)
  • Node.js (NestJS)
  • MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • NextJS, Gatsby
  • GraphQL, RESTful APIs
  • PWAs
  • Cypress
  • Vite, Webpack
  • Wordpress, WooCommerce
  • React Native
  • Python (matplotlib, pyplot, sklearn, TensorFlow, numpy)
  • Spark GraphX
  • Hadoop MapReduce
  • Python
  • BASH
  • C
  • Python (pygame)
  • Java (JavaFX)
Picture of a dashing Bryan, *cough cough*


  • Overview image of Ah My Eyes

    Ah My Eyes

    An app that promotes the 20-20-20 rule and helps prevent eye strain for software developers and anyone who spends prolonged hours looking at computer screens (à la me).

    • Color Scheme
    • Nx Monorepo
    • React
    • Styled Components
    • TypeScript
    • Vite
  • Overview image of bryansng.com v3

    bryansng.com v3

    Portfolio v3

    • CSS Modules
    • GraphQL
    • Netlify
    • NextJS
    • Personal Website
    • Portfolio
    • SASS
    • TypeScript
  • Overview image of Gallery


    Social Image Annotation website. genius.com but for images, imgur.com but with annotations, and with reddit.com’s voting system.

    • Spring Boot
    • Keycloak
    • ReactJS
    • MongoDB
    • Elasticsearch
    • Docker Compose
    • Eureka
    • Zuul
  • Overview image of LMS


    Library management system, a team-based web development project made from Feb-March 2020. Made by @bryansng, @LxEmily, and @yeohbraddy.

    • Spring Boot
    • Spring Security
    • Thymeleaf
    • MySQL
    • H2 Database
    • Docker Compose
  • Overview image of Call For Cthulhu

    Call For Cthulhu

    Final year projects allocator, a team-based software engineering project made from March-May 2020. Made by @bryansng, @ankishraj, and @RSM61123.

    • Java
    • JavaFX
    • Simulated Annealing
    • Genetic Algorithm
  • Overview image of Pasar Malam

    Pasar Malam

    Ecommerce website utilizing Google Firebase and Stripe as backend and React for frontend.

    • React
    • Redux
    • Google Firebase
    • Session Management
    • Stripe Payments
  • Overview image of bryansng.com v2

    bryansng.com v2

    Portfolio V2

    • React
    • Tachyons
    • GraphQL
    • Netlify
    • Portfolio
    • Personal Website
  • Overview image of Plain Planes

    Plain Planes

    Control an aircraft to shoot down other aircrafts.

    • Python
    • Pygame
  • Overview image of Backgammon


    Backgammon the board game, a team-based software engineering project made from Jan-Apr 2019. Made by @bryansng, @LxEmily, and @Abuden in 5 sprints.

    • Java
    • JavaFX
  • Overview image of Potato Face Detector

    Potato Face Detector

    Front-end of Face detector using Clarifai's Face Detect API.

    • React
    • Node JS
    • PostgreSQL
    • Redis
    • Clarifai API
    • Session Management
  • Overview image of The Social

    The Social

    COMP20030 Web Design Project 2018 - A well-being website.

    • Google Maps API
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JS
  • Overview image of bryansng.github.io


    Portfolio V1

    • Firebase
    • JS
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Jekyll


Cuppa's on me ☕

Got something on your mind? Reach out! 👋 Whether you have a question, an idea, or just want to say hi, I'd love to hear from you. Who knows, we might create something amazing together.